I am running for District 50 in our State House of Representatives, to give voters an alternative to the dysfunctional two-party system that is degrading our democracy. I am a fence-mender and a bridge-builder who is disgusted by the hyper-partisan nature of our current politics.

Our natural instinct is to support each other.  We’re hardwired to look for ways to cooperate and to collaborate.  But when our lives become stressful or tense, we often end up working at cross purposes.  Our elected officials are frequently at each others’ throats and the character of their dialogue creates divisions that ripple through our society.  We would be far better off if they would devote as much energy to uniting us as they do to dividing us.

Vote for Jarratt Applewhite

State House of Representatives  -  District 50

We deserve a democracy that is open and fair.  One in which everyone is motivated to participate, especially our younger citizens who will inherit it.  One that accommodates many of points of view.  We need to build a system that encourages more candidates to run for office and, most importantly, more people to participate as voters.  

I long for a climate in which our many complex issues (for which there are usually several valid, but opposing viewpoints) can be debated in a civil manner.  I don’t think compromise is a dirty word.  

If I have the privilege of serving the residents of District 50, I pledge to act in what I believe to be their best interests.  I will not be beholden to any party or to any special interest.  While I’m sure that some will disagree with some of the stances I take, I hope no one will ever feel that I was not fair, open and honest.


If you are a resident in our area and would like a yardsign, send us an email at volunteer@applewhite4nm.com.  We'll put up a sign AND take it down within 72 hours after the election.

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