Who I Am

Our youngest daughter and her husband
they're both firefighter/paramedics.

I’m not sure why I was certain that I had come home when I first arrived in New Mexico almost fifty years ago, but I did.  Maybe its antiquity and mountains reminded me of Lebanon where I spent three years growing up while my Dad worked at the embassy in Beirut .  Maybe its landscape was inescapably alluring.  Maybe the friendships I established made me feel like never leaving.  Maybe all three.  And more.

I am a very fortunate person — New Mexico has been good to me.  At the top of the list of my good fortune is, of course, my family.  My wife and I have been married for 36 years.  Our three kids and their spouses are all doing well.  Our grandchildren are happy and healthy.  So many blessings!

We're going on 36 years - I'm a lucky guy.

I came here with neither skills nor credentials and through hard work and more than my share of luck have had an array of work experiences, mostly in capacities where I was either self employed or one of the founders of a new enterprise.  I started out as a large animal vet tech.  Then I struck off on my own as a horseshoer with a Belen-Durango-Colorado Springs circuit.  When my back went out (& I needed to make more money to support a growing family), I became a business person.  

Geo is a real handy partner.

That too was kaleidoscopic.  Almost all the companies I’ve had a hand in starting are still around and currently employ over 100 people in NM.  I began  in commercial real estate and moved into information technology.  The company I co-founded in Albuquerque in that field is still headquartered there.  It has offices in four other states and customers from coast-to-coast including many of the biggest companies in the nation.  I served as the founding CEO of a non profit social venture capital fund that raised over $14 million to invest in underserved businesses in NM.  I was forced to retire early for health reasons.  When those issues were resolved I signed on with the New Mexico Finance Authority as its Chief Financial Analyst.  That was my last job.

I’ve always mixed public service into my life.  I’ve served on the board of a dozen non profits with interests ranging from child welfare to economic development.  The only elected office I’ve ever held was on Santa Fe’s Board of Education.  I co-chaired a mayoral task-force on affordable housing the adoption of whose implementation plan underpinned the City of Santa Fe’s first formal efforts to solve that issue.  I was appointed by State Public Education Department to co-chair a task force on accountability.

Now I’m super busy working with horses, doing a few consulting jobs and keeping up with the demands of our place in Lamy.


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