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I've been involved in local efforts to take political mapmaking away from politicians for years. Now that I am a candidate for the State House of Representatives, I have a new and amplified platform. Running for office as an independent also gives me a megaphone to talk about ballot access inequity. 

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Jarratt Applewhite's thoughts on the upcoming census

Opinion article just published in The Independent:

2020 Census Is Just Around The Corner, by Jarratt Applewhite



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Under the Radar: Parties Collude Using Census to Trade Votes

The map that New Mexico’s legislature adopted after the last census in 2011 contains many districts that do not conform to fair community of interest principles.  It is important that these inequities are addressed in 2021.

There are three distinct actions that citizens across the state can take to advance this issue.

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•  First, citizens should urge their legislators to turn the redistricting process in 2021 over to a nonpartisan body whose members have geographic and demographic data interpretation skills and who don’t have political interests. Forward-thinking lawmakers should be encouraged to advance legislation that would accomplish this purpose.  Doing so would advance their public image.

•  Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, people who feel disenfranchised because of the configuration of their district should employ a variety of grassroots organizing methods to urge the legislature to cure the inequity of their map in 2021.  Incumbent legislators who plan to stand for reelection are attentive to their constituents’ concerns.  Even if they aren’t willing to relinquish authority for boundary setting to an independent body, they will note voter concerns and take them into account even if the current unfair system stays in effect.  

•  Activists in unfairly drawn districts should consider running for office and make curing the inequity of their jurisdiction’s map a centerpiece of their campaign.

The time is now.  2020 IS just around the corner!  If New Mexicans aren’t attentive, they’ll become hostage for ten more years to yet another set of maps that don’t reflect their communities’ best interests.

Written by Jarratt Applewhite, a fifty year resident of New Mexico who has been active in a range of good government reform efforts.  He is a current candidate for House District 50.  connect on Twitter and Facebook

Originally published in on 12/3/17. 


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Campaign Events

Petition Signature Kickoff Edgewood March 14th at 5:00 pm


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The Jarratt Applewhite for State House of Representatives Team

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